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The media is produced by the controlled ionisation of nitrogen, hydrogen and methane enabling the diffusion of nitrogen and carbon into the component surface. By a targeted and controlled oxidation phase into the compound layer produces by the initial plasma treatment (post oxidation) the corrosion resistance can be significantly enhanced. The treatment known as PLASOX is done in a single stage process.

Process Step Bath Temperature Time at Temperature
Preheat - 570°F -750 °F (300°C - 400°C) 30 mins – 1 hour
Nitriding Nitriding 1075°F ±15°F (580°C ± 10°C) 90mins – 2 hrs
Cooling Oxidising 650°F -750°F (340°C - 400°C) 10-15 mins
Rapid Cool Water Bath not to exceed 120°F (50°C) -
Mechanical Processing Surface mechanically processed using a technique appropriate to the desired surface finish
e.g. abrasive treatment or polishing / lapping.
Post-Oxidation Oxidising 650°F -750°F (340°C - 400°C) 10-30 mins
Rapid Cool Water Bath not to exceed 120°F (50°C) -
Cleaning Parts are to be thoroughly rinsed prior to immersion / coating with a rust preventative
e.g. Rust Veto MP2-, 4212 or equivalent.

Benefits of the PLASOX processes:

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