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Tool Coatings Tool Coatings Tool Coatings

Tool Coatings

Fast Turnaround Tool Coating from Wallwork Cambridge

Utilising “state of the art” advanced magnetron sputtering technology from Cemecon AG – Wallwork Cambridge can offer a rapid tool coating and re-coating service to rival any coating supplier in the UK. The CC800/XL chamber is programmed to run a variety of coating recipes designed to produce repeatable nano-composite films.

Alloys of aluminium and titanium, formed into a ceramic nitride by our process have long been the benchmark coating for high performance machining applications. Originally created by Cemecon about 20 years ago the new generation of Hyperlox (AlTiN) and ALOX SN2 (TiAlN) have been optimised to a level where their performance levels are now unsurpassed in the field.

The use of these new generation coatings increases the machining efficiency and allows rapid cutting and drilling of difficult to machine materials.

Hyperlox plus a new 4-6 micron thicker variant is ideal for drilling on round shank tools and milling and threading on indexible carbide inserts.

To provide optimum quality of service, we have invested heavily in the preparatory systems to render the carbide and HSS surfaces into the best condition for optimised adhesion of the applied coating. Our preparation room houses an automatic programmable wet blasting system, rinsing stations, automatic drying and tool jigging facilities in readiness for coating - this is in addition to our multi stage robotically controlled alkaline cleaning line.

The CC800/9 has a 10 station work-piece turrets and features triple rotation of the tools to afford a perfectly even coating deposition on all the key areas of the tools. The vast chamber volume of the system - means these excellent coatings can be produced at affordable prices - which is good news for tool manufacturers and machining end users alike.

We offer a standard 3 day coating service which also includes transport via our large fleet of vehicles.

Watch the video here: Tool Coating Video

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