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Tool Steel Data

Steel Grade Properties Brand names
01 Cold work steel Oil Hardening - some distortion. Widely available - good 'all round' properties. Not recommended for vacuum treatment. Not Suitable for large sections. 01 (A) CSP (S)
K460 (B) KE672 (SK)
09B (CA) Thyrodur 2510 (SB)
CRP01 (CO) Arne (U)
Ketos (CR) -
A2 Cold work steel Air hardening. Tougher than 01 - less widely available. Recommended for vacuum treatment. Suitable for small/medium sections (large sections can give problems) A2 (A) N/A (S)
K305 (B) KEA162 (SK)
32S (CA) Thyrodur 2363 (SB)
One Five one (CO) Rigor (U)
Airkool/S (CR) -
D3 Cold work steel Oil hardening - some distortion. Excellent abrasion/wear resistance. Small sections may be vacuum treated. Suitable for small/medium sections. D3 (A) CS13M (S)
K100 (B) KE970 (SK)
23S (CA) Thyrodur 2080 (SB)
Special K (CO) Sverker 3 (U)
D2 Cold work steel Air hardening - low distortion. Good abrasion resistance coupled with higher toughness than D3. Recommended for vacuum treatment. Suitable for large tools. D2 (A) CS13M Extra (S)
K110 (B) KEA180 (SK)
69S (CA) Thyrodur 2379 (SB)
KMV (CO) Sverker 21 (U)
AIRDI 150/S (CR) -
S1 Shock resisting cold work / chisel steel Oil hardening - may distort. Very tough, strong in compression, and fatigue resistant. Not suitable for vacuum treatment. Not recommended for large sections. S1 (A) TKL (S)
K455 (B) K960 (SK)
BCC (CA) Thyrodur 2550 (SB)
Pneumo (CO) UHB Regin 3 (U)
Atha Pneu -
420 Stainless mould steel Will air-harden in smaller sections. Low distortion if air hardened, but larger sizes quenched in oil may distort. More resistant to abrasion and corrosion than 2767. Smaller/medium sizes may be vacuum treated. May be used for large tools. RAB420 ESR (A) N/A (S)
M310 (B) N/A (SK)
P1008 (CA) Thyroplast 2083 (SB)
420 Plus (CO) Stavax ESR (U)
CSM420 (CR) -
2767 Plastic Moulding Steel Air hardening - low distortion. Semi-stainless - accepts high polish. Good heat resistance at moulding temperatures. Good toughness. Recommended for vacuum treatment. RAB1 (A) BA500 HC (S)
K600 (B) KE355 (SK)
P576 (CA) Thyrodur 2767 (SB)
Benum Plus (CO) Grane (U)
EN30B (CR) -
H13 Hot Work Steel Air hardening - low distortion. High resistance to hot checking. Will accept good polish. Tough and versatile for forging dies, casting dies and plastic moulds. Can be vacuum treated in most cases. H13 (A) Alumdie MO (B)
W302 (B) KEA145 (SK)
53S (CA) Thyrotherm 2344 (SB)
ALZ (CO) Orvar Supreme (U)
M2 High speed steel for general use Tougher than M42, but will not develop ultra high hardness. Will accept high polish. May be vacuum treated. Distorts less than T1 M2 (A) HJS562 (S)
S600 (B) Keylock A157 (SK)
Motor Magnus (CA) Thyrapid 3343 (SB)
6542 (CO) K M2 (U)
Rex M2 (CR) -
T1 High speed steel for general use Similar to M2 but higher 'red' hardness and abrasion resistance. May be vacuum treated. High hardening temperature leads to risks during heat treatment and increased chance of distortion. T1 (A) S200 (B) Special M (S)
Motor Maximum (CA) Keylock 237 (SK)
Super Rapid (CO) N/A (SB)
Rex AA (CR) N/A (U)
M42 high speed steel for maximum hardness Not as tough as M2/T1, but has excellent 'red' hardness. Easier to grind than most HSS. May be vacuum treated. Distorts less than T1 M42 (A) N/A (S)
S500 (B) N/A (SK)
Pluto Plus (CA) Thyrapid 3247 (SB)
M841 (CO) N/A (U)
Rex M42 (CR) -

Key to Suppliers:

A = Aurora Steels

CO = Cooks Steels

S = Stones Steels

U = Uddeholm

B = Bohler UK

CR = Crucible Steels

SB = Schmolz & Bickenbach

CA = Carrs Tools Steels

F = Finkl

SK = Sanderson Kayser


While Wallwork Heat Treatment has made every effort to ensure that information relating to steel suppliers and material data is accurate at the time of publication, this document provides guidelines only. Any choice of specific material, process or pre-treatment must be dependent upon discussions with suppliers at the time the work is commissioned. Please check with suppliers to ensure that steel brands and related specifications are still current.

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