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**Due to the continued unpredictability in energy markets, commodities, consumables and the reduction in Government EBDS, Wallwork Group Surcharge from November 1st 2023, will be set at 4.9%**

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Tungsten Disulphide

Wallwork Cambridges Nitron Lubrica has a dynamic coefficient of friction in the order of 0.03 and provides an exceptional low friction surface capable of withstanding operating temperatures from cryogenic levels up to 650°C, increasing to 1300°C in vacuum applications.

Wallwork Cambridge Nitron Lubrica uses a Tungsten di-sulphide make up with the ability to be precisely applied to various sizes, weights and geometries, such as bearings, valves, hydraulic connectors and miniature gears.


Colour Grey
Co efficient of friction 0.03 dynamic, 0.07 static
Load bearing capability 27kbar
Lubrication Temp range -273°C to 650°C (in vacuum -188°C to 1316°C)
Thickness 0.5 2 microns
Chemical Durability inert substance, non toxic, biocompatible
Hardness 30HRc
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