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Vacuum Brazing

Vacuum Brazing is a joining process which can offer significant advantages in terms of cleanliness, joint strength and integrity. The process is performed under vacuum with excellent temperature uniformity. This means that components can be treated using controlled heating and cooling which in turn reduces residual stress in the component. This controllability allows additional heat treatment processes to take place at the same time, which offers a unique, cost effective dual process that will reduce overall costs per component.


With such high demands and expectations for high quality in today's market, Wallwork Cambridge offers a full range of experience from first stage design to high quality complex preparation and processing of customers components. All processing takes place in the latest designed and controlled vacuum furnaces allowing components up to 1.5m in length to be brazed. This capability is backed up with high quality standards to provide the customer with a robust process.

Choosing Wallwork Cambridge's Vacuum braze capability will also give you access to the Wallwork Group's high service experience with transport covering most of the UK, express turnaround and professional metallurgical services available to aid customer value.


Vacuum Brazing White Paper

Download our Vacuum Brazing White Paper


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