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Wallwork Group are operating as normally as possible in the circumstances that we all find ourselves in. Ensuring that at all times recommended government hygiene and social distancing is undertaken. 



Vapour Degreasing

Vapour Degreasing

Solvent Degreasing

Solvent degreasing using Perchloroethylene or when required Trichloroethylene, still remains the best universal method of degreasing metal parts. Degreasing by this method in modern sealed machines is effective, safe and environmentally friendly with zero emissions to atmosphere.

The Group have invested over £1m in modern degreasing plants on all sites, not only to give the best degreasing process available to complement our aerospace and commercial processing but also to offer it as a stand alone aerospace approved degreasing service.

We can offer degreasing of parts 2m long x 120cm x 120cm weighing up to 5,000Kg with an overnight service in most cases.

Please enquire at your nearest plant for further details and transport arrangements.

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